We can place your logo on any of the name badges we produce. There are some guidelines you need to follow when submitting your art. Remember that the better the art you submit the better the name badges turn out.The best file to send us is a vector EPS or Illustrator file in a PC Format. We also accept Word, Excel, J-Peg, CDR and Bitmap. Some formats are not so common but we may be able to convert the images for you. The resolution of these files needs to be at least 300 dpi. You may be sending a bitmap to us, such as a full color picture (usually in the form of a Bitmap BMP). We are setup to print these kinds of photos, but again please note that the resolution is key to a great looking badge.If you have questions about the file type, just call and we will be glad to walk you through submitting your art.Some pieces of artwork require some cleanup. Our setup cost should cover the cost to put the artwork into a useable condition. Occasionally, we cannot and will require a more design time. We charge $20.00 per hour to put the artwork into a usable format.Some artwork is very large and may exceed the hosting companies limits. Most of our e-mail hosts can handle up to 12 MB of information. If you have trouble sending a large file call us.

Name lists should be provided in an Excel spreadsheet or Word document - via e-mail or on a CD in order to avoid spelling errors. Faxed lists are also acceptable. The names and tiles will be printed just as you submit them. Please let us know if there are any special punctuation's or titles that we need to be aware of.

We provide free paper proofs. We try to send you proofs that look realistic by providing a virtual drawing,  dimensionally accurate. Almost all proofs are e-mailed in the form of a PDF file. We do not charge for production samples or random samples. We do however, ask that you give us your shipping number of your carrier so we may send them out to you.

All orders must be in writing on customers PO Form or Company Letterhead. The PO must include the Customers Name, Address, Phone Number, FAX, Item Number / Name, Quantity, Unit Price, Item Color, General imprint area (unless defined by an approved proof), Shipping Method, Ship to Address, In-Hand Date and any other applicable information. If there is not a price on the Purchase Order, standard published pricing will be used.

When an order is placed we create a customer file with your badge design and store all of the information pertaining to that badge in our computer systems. The initial one time charge for the badge setup, which includes proofs, design and file storage, is the only charge you will incur during the life of the badge. All name and title changes are also included in the initial setup charge.

After the initial order you can order one badge at a time and the only charge will be the badge cost (cost based on the Quantity Column) and the shipping. If there are major changes to the badge, such as a logo change or a completely new design of the badge there my be another setup charge.

All prices are F.O.B. from California and are shipped via USPS (United State Postal Service). We utilize their PRIORITY MAILSERVICE. Badges are packed using the “IF IT FITS, IT SHIPS” system. Rates start at $5.50 and most orders are shipped using this level. Rates do go up based on the bulk of the contents and a maximum of 75lbs.per box. USPS guarantees two day delivery anywhere in the US (Some rural areas are delivered in 3 days but those usually are the exception)

Receiver must save outer carton as well as inner contents of the shipment. Any damage MUST be reported to us upon receipt and inspection in order for us to file a claim with the carrier. Failure to report damaged product within 7 days of receipt will void our warranty with respect to damaged goods.

Charges apply to each shipment after the first. A $6.25(v) warehouse release charge will apply to prepaid orders held in inventory for release. Release orders require 5-7 days to complete and ship. These orders will be held for no longer than 12 months at which time final shipment will be issued.

If an order is cancelled or decreased during or after the initial production run and prior to shipment, factory will invoice for all materials and labor completed up to the date the order was cancelled or decreased.

Production time is the period between receipt of complete approved order and factory shipping date. Production is not started until a written purchase order along with a date required to complete the order (includes approved artwork and list of personalizations) is received.

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